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I wish posting pictures was easier - I'd post more of them, more often.

Last doctor visit on Thursday, the height measurement has been revised to 31" tall - that would be an inch since March 24th. (I thought he'd gotten bigger, guess I was right!) He sees the doctor regularly - he's being followed by two doctors actually, one for regular pediatric things, and one for the hypothyroid. The pediatrician wants us to do a course of antibiotics for the positive PPD (tuberculin) test, and that requires regular follow ups. (These visits are done at the same hospital Jim works at - so it's almost like going to see friends of the family. As long as there isn't a shot involved, Xander is all good with seeing friends of Daddy's!)

One of the things we've been trying to do is maintain routines, and not make too many changes too quickly.

Going to sleep has been one of those things. From the time we received Xander from St. Lucy's, we have put Xander to bed asleep - that is, we held him, rocked him, and made sure both of us were bedside as he fell asleep at night. One experiment with letting him 'put himself to sleep' ended up with us finding him happily scampering around his room, hiding under the dressers. He thought it was a lot of fun - but we've learned that he really doesn't have a lot of experience with going to bed, and settling himself down to sleep without supervision. He's also full of tricks to keep himself awake - but not the typical loud behavior and refusal to stay in bed - he fidgets. Points toes. Waves hands in the air (and turns them into airplanes). Makes fish faces. Adorable - and he knows *exactly* what he's doing.

One night, we wrapped him in a blanket to go back to rocking him and something happened. He was instantly asleep! I've had experience with swaddling small children to help calm them before, but this was something I'd never seen before. It was like a light switch!

Then I went back to the pictures I have of Xander sleeping, before we got him - and what do you know. He was snuggled into blankets!

He was also on to us right away. Blanket = sleep. To his credit, he is a *very* good boy, if a bit naughty - but his immediate compliance with being wrapped up and rocked to sleep leads me to believe this was a routine he's probably had most of his life. It just works. Every time.

So - our bedtime routine is to have a nice warm bath, maybe a book or some television, and then he gets to lay down on Dad/Mom in the big comfy chair, and settle down to sleep. (We turn off all the lights and the television.) If we get jazz hands or guppy noises for more than half an hour, Dad/Mom gets a blanket, wraps him up loosely and rocks him to sleep. We're both in the room - and it's entirely possible that both of us will be at bedside when he finally gives in and sleeps. This will have to modify in the months ahead, but right now - it's what we do. He can fall asleep before taking any additional steps - we call it THUD - but more often than not, he's a pretty typical kid who doesn't want the day to end. How long it will take to get away from this routine is anyone's guess - perhaps by this time next year, we will be tucking him in after settling in for the night and encouraging him to stay in bed on his own. It certainly won't come overnight - pardon the pun.

We're now getting requests for water - as water - instead of in Chinese. I'm now hearing entire greetings in English - 'Bye, see you later! Good morning! Hello!' And sometimes, I hear him call Jim 'Daddy' instead of 'Baba' - which was unintentional, but I guess he's heard me call Jim 'Dad' often enough, it's sticking.

Our first Mother's Day is this weekend - I'm planning to take Xander down to the cathedral to light candles for his first mother and his foster mother to remember them on that day, and then double-date with one of his godfathers and his mother for dim sum!
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