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It's finally happening - he has enough English to actually communicate with us for some very basic things. Right now, I would have to say he's still firmly convinced he knows he's saying everything right, but that nobody else does (particularly when it comes to proper names) in Chinese, but he's getting so many more strokes when he says something in English, I don't think it'll be long before he switches completely over.

Airplane is still considerably easier to say in Chinese, for example. So is balloon. But if we press - we get the English word in addition. I haven't heard a request for water in Chinese for more than a week.

Spongebob has been invaluable as a resource, but so has preschool daycare.

And so, we've been able to add reading books (instead of flipping the pages too fast for any useful purpose) to the evening routine. There is a difference between coloring books and reading books.

There is 'okay' and 'not okay' for behaviors like petting the kitties, or chasing the kitties and it is understood which is good and which isn't.

Another thing we've found important is to find ways for him to 'help' us - he really wants to do things with us, not just watch us do them or do things alone by himself.

So in the morning, he helps me feed the kitties. I give him half a cup of dry kibble and he puts it in their dishes. We check the cupboards in the kitchen and relatch any of them that might need it. We put away the books from the night before, and any toys that were left out.

We lay out two outfits that will work that day, and let him choose between them. We plan two choices for dinner and ask what he would prefer (and unless I think ramen is fine, don't offer it as a choice - that's a given). Having some control over the parts of his life he can manage is SO important at this age, and it really helps keep him happy.


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