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Jun. 20th, 2008 01:40 pm
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Since this is going to be used as the first point of information regarding Xander - and often, the first place people are going to be sent when we tell them we've accepted a referral from Taiwan for an adorable little boy, let me put some quick and dirty statistics here to start with.

We began our adoption journey with Heartsent Adoptions (you can check out their site from the link list to the side) January 21, 2006 when we attended a certification class at their Pasadena office.  On February 3, 2006, we had our first meeting with them to discuss adopting two children (one from China, one from Taiwan) and opened our case to begin our home study.

We would complete it, and send a dossier to China for a referral for a girl - that wait is still underway.  (We are LID 02/27/07 - currently, LID processing is somewhere around the middle of January 2006, and only advancing about five days a month.  We have a long wait yet to do for our daughter!)

April 22, 2007, our agency contacted us and asked us if we would be willing to consider a special needs adoption of an older child from Taiwan.

We accepted.

Named Yang, I at birth, according to the documents we have from his foster family, he is currently called "Yang Yang" - think yanyan - we intend not to change his name, but morph it.  His legal name, once readoption paperwork is completed here in California about six months or so after we bring him home, will be Alexander-Paul Yang Yi DeSilva Bell.

Mom and Dad will call him Xanxan, growing it up as he grows into Xander.  We figure he will have a terrific barometer of knowing *just* how much trouble he's in by how many names get used calling him.

We've already found our daycare, and are preparing to be gone from work once it's time for us to travel to Taiwan to bring him home - if you'd like more information on the agency Xanxan is being referred to us from, check the St. Lucy's link on the side as well.

Xanxan currently is in the same foster home he has been in since he was born in Pingtung Township - you can Google Earth map it if you like, it's in the southern part of Taiwain, near Tainan where St. Lucy's is.

He was born August 16, 2005, in Pingtung as well.

We hope to have our dossier to the agency for translation and certification next week - from there, the agency advises that they allow a month for the translators to finish their work before the dossier is presented to the court system in Taiwan, and then there is a four to seven month wait for their processes to complete.  The earliest the window will open will be in October, most likely travel will happen between November and the first of 2009.

That's enough for now - let's get this up, and post some pictures!


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