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Gosh, he's growing fast. I should check and see how much more than the 4" we clocked at the year mark he's gained. It's all legs and arms!

We also *just* broke the 30 lb. mark.

The family that plays know the rest.

Mom and Xander one morning at the Boone Tavern & Inn in Berea, KY while we were visiting Jim's folks this past June.

This is just before Xander went inside for Anime-Expo in Los Angeles this year - wearing a crown from Burger King and his medal from Soccer Shots as a costume. He had a blast!

He's having a summer of catching fireflies, swinging by himself on the swings at the park, playing on the monkey bars (with only a little spotting) and happily counting groups of anything that go past. Pokemon has him completely in its thrall - but since both of us play it as well, it's no surprise. ^^
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But first, a cute 'sleeping kid' picture to tide you over -

Sleeping boy, with frog.

We're all on our way back east to Berea, KY for a family reunion - see you when we get back!
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(The latest and greatest - recent haircut and trip to the Columbia Memorial Space Center)

That's the year - stay tuned for more fun ahead!
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Welcome to the Christmas card photo outtakes, which I think are better than the one posed shot we finally chose to send.

The holiday season, as you might have guessed, hasn't been without it's snags - not the least of which was coming down with H1N1 the week of Thanksgiving! (Would you believe Xander came down with it first?) It hit Donna like a ton of bricks (after this summer, everything does) and we had to cancel all our plans and spent a quiet day at home together.

We believe Xander has had Christmases before - but the style we celebrate here has been nothing but a huge hit so far. He's been to see Santa Claus (and the pictures are a RIOT), shopping with both Mom and Dad, performed in the preschool's Christmas pagent as an Elf (it needs a warning label for extreme CUTE) and can sing Jingle Bells like nobody's business.

He also asks to open his presents on a daily basis so far - but true to his nature, all we have to say is 'not yet' and that's enough. I can believe what a sweet child he is, wrapped up in the very classic little boy naughty at the same time.

To be succinct - things are going well. I really wish we could have started at this point in the transition - Xander is doing so well in school, he's happy and growing well (he's outgrowing most of his wardrobe, to be blunt) and there is little I'm concerned about at this point. The anxiety over 'the best day ever is followed by the worst day ever' seems to be waning, but the acid test is going to be the next few weeks while daycare is on holiday break and his schedule is disrupted COMPLETELY. So far, so good - but last night was a good indication that all this is just too much fun - the 'I'm not tired' plaints lasted until he was rocked to sleep, and the need for that is rare these days.

I can't believe he is doing 50 - 100 piece puzzles out of the box with only a little assistance. You should see what he builds with Lego blocks.

Happy holidays of all kinds to you and yours - see you soon!
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Xander's 4th birthday was on the 16th - and also fell into his six month update, so some documentation photos were taken.

Xander had a birthday party at one of the local parks, and we arranged to have some puppies brought in to entertain the troops - it was a huge hit!

Donna's mother was able to come in for the party - it was great to have her, and it allowed her and Xander to spend some quality time together.

You haven't seen anything yet! )
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Xander got his last haircut in Taiwan probably right around the time we got our travel date - so it was getting high time for a trim. ^^

We were also warned that he really - I mean REALLY - hated having his hair cut, and from our experience with washing his hair, we could truly believe it.

So one fine Saturday afternoon, we went to Floyd's Barbershop and a good time was had by all!

Check the pictures and see for yourself - this was one high tech haircut, lemme tellya -

Look inside for more! )
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A little of this, a little Mother's Day -

Proof positive - both Jim and Donna are big anime collectors, and it looks like Xander is getting off to a good start!

Donna also loves music boxes - it's not very often she has someone else to share her love of them with. (This one plays from discs and has a scene of Victorian-era dancers in a hall that move when it plays. Xander LOVES it.)

Mother's Day Brunch shot - we'd just finished visiting the Cathedral to light candles for his first mother, and his foster mother.

Someone went to Walt Disney World and all he got was this AWESOME t-shirt. Seriously. He couldn't wait to get it on!
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And these have us in them too!

I sure hope this is his foster mother showing him the photo album we sent him. Hope, hope, hope....

Soon, kiddo. Real, REAL soon.
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PICTURES - and recent, too! One's dated 7/7/08 and the other one's 7/31/08 - enjoy the cute!

(Sure looks like he still likes yellow, doesn't it?)


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