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Well, not so new - one that was taken with the last batch, but not received until now.

Yup, I definitely have a Boy boy - swords and all. Boy in motion - I can see kenpo training in his future, possibly?

Climbing ALL OVER monkey bars and other playground equipment, for sure!
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Agency received more pictures of Xanxan in an update they got last week, and forwarded them to me. (Isn't living in the electronic age great?)

These can't be more than a month old. And since I'd expressed a desire to get anything current on him, it looks like they were happy to oblige me. Another bit of information I got with these pictures is that he's currently 33" tall and 22 lbs, and his foster father is a policeman he loves to mimic.

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Since he's been in the same home since birth, there are pictures of him from very wee.

He's also been available for adoption domestically since he was born as well - the fact he is nearly three now makes finding him a family more urgent, hence being made available for an international placement with us.

I'd estimate this one at about 9 months (I'll find out for sure when we go to bring him home):

These are taken a bit later, about a year of age or so:

This, perhaps at two years:

These are the pictures we were provided at referral, we believe they were taken last fall:

We received an update at the time we signed the baby contracts - our personal favorite to date:


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